A Day in Glen Coe

It happens all too often - days and weeks of emailing, editing, planning shoots, booking events, researching trips, ordering stock, visiting retailers uploading photos and social media. Cabin fever sets in quickly! And the only solution is a good jaunt out with my camera - preferably somewhere in the Highlands! So last week I loaded up the car at 4:30am and made the journey up the A82 to Glen Coe. 

The first stop of the day was Loch Nah Achlaise. I stood at the side of the Loch before the and the sun rose and saw the first glimpse of the pink dawn glow beginning to creep into view across the water, beyond the Black Mount. 

From the waters edge, the sky behind me was beginning to glow red, quickly gathering in intensity. Across the water the mountains began to catch the first light of the morning. The light was dappled on the snowy slopes due to the clouds to the East, but that did not hinder the colour that was able to break through. 

As the sun finally tipped over the hills behind me, it spilled golden light across Rannoch Moor, gloriously illuminating the scene before me. I was treated to the most crisp and clear light I've ever witnessed. The clarity of light was unlike anything I've seen before.

After a while I headed further up the road to stop off at the the mighty Buachaille Etive Mor for a few photos from the river and a spot of breakfast. The River Etive was beginning to melt as it trickled it's way towards the mountain, which stood tall across the Glen, dusted with snow.

It was here that I set up camp - just long enough to rustle up some bacon and tea. As I sat on the banks of the river, with the sun lighting up the spectacular scene before me, listening to the sound of the babbling river and sizzling bacon and watching a pair of black grouse flying around - I realised that this was one of the most blissful moments I've had out exploring the Highlands of Scotland.

As I sat enjoying my breakfast and enjoying the fresh air of Glen Coe I was starting at this ridge and thought it was begging for a photo!

To end the morning I drove right through the glen to get to Glen Coe village and captured a shot of this little sail boat on Loch Leven before going for a stroll round the Glen Coe Lochan.

Despite the fact that it was only a short trip out, I was extremely grateful for the chance to leave all the day to day monotony behind and take the time to enjoy and embrace the beautiful country I have the pleasure to call home.