Crocuses in Spring

Spring is always a wonderful time of year - if not all too fleeting. I always love the combination of clear blue skies with bright sunshine... and frost on the ground! It reminds me very much of Autumn, but instead of an explosion of colour high up in the trees, in Spring it comes in the form of new life from the ground.

Speaking of those bright and cold mornings - in Victoria Park in Glasgow, frost nips at the ground and this stretch of crocuses peek out of the ground, clinging to a row of trees that run through the park. 

Once the day starts warming up the budding flowers begin to open up and reach out for a soak in the sun. You can see the way that they're all leaning the same way - towards the sun. This created a great pattern and made for a nice photo. 

Later in the afternoon, even once the light has begun to fade the subtle, subdued light still allows the colour in the crocuses to jump out against the grass. With the passing of snowdrops and crocuses I am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of the rest of the Spring icons like bluebells and daffodils. 

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It's always a shame how quickly Spring comes and goes, but I always take joy in the fact that that means summer is fast approaching! I have some fantastic new things in the pipeline this year which are VERY exciting - so stay tuned and keep an eye out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and of course check back to read up on all my latest blog posts!

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