A Taste of the Travelling Lifestyle

Man, summer's are busy.

If you subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on social media you'll know that I spend loads of my time during the summer travelling around the country exhibiting my landscape photography prints, cards and calendars at art and craft shows and highland games. These fairs often take me to far flung places, and occasionally, I'm able to do a bit of photography while I'm at it! 

_MG_6726 crop 2.jpg

This photo of a frosty morning during a late harvest and Bennachie was taken last year early in the morning of a Christmas crafts event in Castle Fraser in Aberdeenshire.

A couple of weeks ago I felt like quite the nomad. I faced the mammoth task (at least it felt that way) of commuting from Perth to Crathes Castle in Aberdeenshire for 3 days. After racking up 555 miles and 12 hours in the car, the following day saw us on the road to the Isle of Skye; a trip that included camping, sleeping in the car, brewing tea in lay-bys, fending off midges, sheltering from the rain as well as finding relief in the shade - in other words, your typical trip to Skye.


Three years ago, on my last trip to Skye I had a list of shots I wanted to get. Of course these included places like the Storr, Quiraing, Sligachan, Elgol and Neist. After a week on the island there were still some shots that eluded me - it was a tall order after all. This year on my return trip I wanted to try and tick of a few of those that I hadn't managed in the past.

We spent the night at Sligachan once we arrived. We went to sleep having lost sight of the tops of the Cullins, and my high hopes for the following morning were dashed.

The next day I had my sights set on Neist Point lighthouse. Another place I didn't feel I'd done justice to last time round. My expectation of a pretty sunset had vanished with my disappointing morning at Sligachan. Out of obligation more than anything else I trudged up onto the cliffs and was surprised to find that Neist Point had lost it's lighthouse! The fog blew and the beacon came back into view. I spotted a figure on the characteristic cliffs of the headland and knew I'd found my shot!

On our return home, and a glorious night in my own bed, I had less than a day to unpack, wash everything, catch up on emails, organise some upcoming workshops, make some stock, pack the car again and hit the road once more. This time to the Eden Court Theatre in Inverness.


After the fair in Eden Court I was swaying between heading back to my digs for an early night or to somehow kill six hours in Inverness and stay out past sunset and do some photography along the river.

I opted for option 2.

Every time I've passed this spot on the A82, crossing the River Ness I've envisaged this image. Shortly after sunset the lights on the castle and the cathedral began to warm up and I was able to make the best of the twilight conditions.

I can't profess to be some sort of globe-trotting 'digital nomad' but I have found this, albeit brief, period of travelling a highly fulfilling experience. I can appreciate the allure people find from constantly moving, exploring and seeing new sights more than I did before, and although it's been exhausting at times it's been a really thrilling week going coast to coast, in the far reaches of the Highlands.